Bangui Windmills in Ilocos Norte

When in Bangui, enjoy the line of gigantic windmills and the breath taking view of the sea. It is a cool place you could relax and take pictures. This must-visit destination is located at the municipality of Bangui, Ilocos Norte in Northern Philippines.

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Bangui Wind Farm Pictures

In the picturesque landscape of Ilocos Norte, a striking fusion of technological innovation and natural beauty awaits—the Bangui Windmills. Standing majestically along the shores of Bangui Bay, these colossal wind turbines are not just engineering marvels but also symbols of sustainable energy in the Philippines. As the blades rotate gracefully against the backdrop of the azure sky and the deep blue sea, they create a captivating sight that draws visitors from all corners of the globe.

The Bangui Windmills, known for being the first power-generating wind farm in the Philippines and Southeast Asia, have transformed the coastal horizon into a spectacular panorama that leaves onlookers in awe.

This array of towering windmills, harmoniously aligned along the beach, not only harnesses the power of the wind but also adds a unique, modern twist to the stunning Ilocos Norte landscape. Their presence is a testament to the region’s commitment to renewable energy and environmental conservation, making Bangui a must-visit destination for those who seek a blend of scenic beauty and eco-friendly innovation.

A Quick Look

The Bangui Windmill Farm, situated in the quaint town of Bangui in Ilocos Norte, represents a pioneering venture in renewable energy in the Philippines. This wind farm is not only a symbol of sustainable development but also a captivating tourist attraction due to its unique landscape and the striking presence of the wind turbines.

Spanning along the shoreline of Bangui Bay, the wind farm consists of several towering wind turbines, strategically aligned to maximize the energy generated from the wind coming off the West Philippine Sea. These impressive structures, with their enormous blades rotating against the backdrop of the sea and sky, create a mesmerizing sight that attracts photographers, environmental enthusiasts, and tourists alike.

Each turbine stands at a height of around 70 meters, with blades that are approximately 40 meters long. The farm was designed to harness the wind energy in the area, providing a substantial portion of the electricity needs of Ilocos Norte. As a pioneer of wind power in Southeast Asia, the Bangui Windmill Farm is not only an example of the Philippines’ commitment to renewable energy but also an inspiration for other nations in the region.

Visiting the Bangui Windmill Farm offers a unique experience. The sight of these giant windmills in a row, harmoniously blending with the natural landscape, is both awe-inspiring and humbling. The constant breeze from the sea, the sound of the waves, and the rhythmic whooshing of the wind turbines create a serene and almost meditative atmosphere.

How the Bagui Windmills Started

The Bangui Wind Farm, located in Ilocos Norte, Philippines, stands out as a pioneering project in Southeast Asian renewable energy.

Initiated following a 1996 study by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, it was developed by the NorthWind Power Development Corp.

The farm, operational since 2005 with Vestas Wind Systems turbines, initially featured 15 turbines and later expanded to 20, achieving a 33 MW capacity.

Situated along Bangui Bay, chosen for its favorable wind conditions, the wind farm contributes significantly to sustainable energy. Additionally, it has become a prominent tourist destination.

How to Get There

To reach the Bangui Wind Farm in Ilocos Norte, Philippines, you can travel by air to Laoag International Airport and then proceed by land.

Bus services from major cities like Manila offer direct routes to Ilocos Norte. Once in the province, local transportation options like tricycles can be used to reach the wind farm, which is located along the coast near Bangui Bay. This landmark is accessible and well-known, making it easy to find for visitors.

Get a Tour Guide

You can visit the Bangui Wind Farm with a tour guide. Many tourists opt for guided tours, especially if they are unfamiliar with the area or want a more informative experience.

Tour guides can provide detailed insights about the wind farm, its history, and its significance in renewable energy in the Philippines. Guided tours often include transportation and might cover other nearby attractions in Ilocos Norte as well.

You can usually book these tours through travel agencies or hotels in the region. For more specific details, you might want to check out local tour operators or contact accommodations in Ilocos Norte.

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