About Photography Trek

Hey there, I’m Vinze, the guy behind PhotographyTrek. I’m just a regular person who happens to have an insatiable love for taking photographs.

Why PhotographyTrek?

PhotographyTrek came to life because I wanted to share my passion for photography with others who share the same enthusiasm. It’s all about the journey, the adventure of capturing beautiful moments, and the pure joy of photography.

What You’ll Find Here

This blog is my space to share my photography experiences, tips, and some of my favorite shots. No fancy mission statements or complicated stuff – just me, my camera mobile phone, and the stories I want to tell through my photos.

A Little Bit of History

Back in the middle of 2015, I embarked on a simple yet exciting online adventure – I started PhotographyTrek. My initial motivation was straightforward: to create a space where I could share and showcase some of my favorite travel shots.

It was a hobby, a simple project, and a window into my world of capturing moments through the lens.

However, I got busy with so many other things and life has a way of steering us in unexpected directions. Eight long years passed, during which PhotographyTrek lay dormant, a digital relic of my earlier adventures in photography. As the years went by, my interest for photography never waned, but this blog remained untouched.

Then, in January 2024, I remember this blog out of the blue. I realized that I need an output for the pics I’m taking when going somewhere. The world had changed, and I had changed with it, but my love for capturing the essence of places and faces through my lens remained unwavering.

You might be wondering why I chose to resurrect PhotographyTrek when there are platforms like Facebook and YouTube available for sharing photos and videos.

The answer is simple: reliability. These giant social media platforms have their merits, but they also come with limitations, uncertainties, and the constant risk of content being lost in the vast digital ocean.

I wanted a space where I could have control over my work, where I could ensure the longevity of the memories I’ve captured.

So, here we are, back on PhotographyTrek, a blog that’s more than just a collection of photographs. It’s a journey through time, a revival of a passion, and a commitment to sharing my adventures in photography once again.

I invite you to join me on this renewed journey through the world of photography, where we’ll explore places and faces, relive past adventures, and embark on new ones. Together, let’s celebrate the timeless art of capturing moments, one click at a time.

In Honor of a Friend: Rediscovering PhotographyTrek

Part of bringing back life into this abandoned photo site, is a profound and personal reason behind its revival—a tribute to a friend who was lost during the great pandemic. This rekindling of PhotographyTrek is a heartfelt homage to someone who played an instrumental role in shaping my adventures and experiences, particularly in the enchanting landscapes of the Northern Philippines.

This friend was more than just a companion during my early days of travelling and discovering photography; he was my tour guide, and, in many ways, the bridge that connected me to the hidden treasures of the beautiful Ilocos region. His knowledge of the local culture, his passion for exploration, and his generosity in sharing his world with me were invaluable. He made the distant and unfamiliar feel like home.

Looking back, I can’t help but acknowledge that I may not have been the best friend to him in many ways. In fact, I feel that I may have failed him during his last days. Nevertheless, his friendship was a source of genuine connection, reminding me of my own humanity and the importance of nurturing those connections in our lives.

Regrettably, it was only after he was gone that I fully comprehended the magnitude of his contributions though it seemed so simple during those times. It’s a sobering realization—one that has pushed me to pay tribute to his memory and to the profound impact he had on my life.

PhotographyTrek, in its revival, is dedicated to preserving the memories of our shared adventures, the places he introduced me to, and the faces we encountered along the way. Through the lens, I aim to immortalize the landscapes and cultures he helped me discover, ensuring that his legacy lives on in the photographs and stories I share.

This blog is my way of saying thank you, my friend, for everything you gave me, even when I didn’t fully recognize it at the time. It’s a humble attempt to honor your memory and the friendship we shared, one click at a time.